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Line, define and shape

Dark Brown 02 - 1g

Eye Pencil

Outline and define your eyes with our long-lasting eye pencil. Enriched with our own natural source vitamin E, it’s a must-have for your make up bag.
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  • Black 01Black 01
    A pigment-rich, wearable black for maximum impact.
    Black 01
  • Golden Bronze 03Golden Bronze 03
    Beautiful on sun-kissed skin or blended out for a natural smoky eye look.
    Golden Bronze 03

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Fair 01 - 1g

Brow Pencil

Create beautiful brows with our perfectly textured brow pencil. Your go-to for an instantly groomed and finished look.
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  • 01 Fair01 Fair
    A fair taupe, perfect for light-to-medium brows.
    01 Fair

Lash definition

Black 01 - 8ml

Lash Definition Smudgeproof Mascara

Look no further for truly luscious lashes. With its water-resistant, long-lasting formula, our mascara glides on smoothly to perfectly define each lash and make your eyes look irresistible.
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  • Black 01 Black 01
    A classic black for maximum impact.
    Black 01
  • Brown 02 Brown 02
    A dark brown, perfect for fair skins and light eyes or a natural day look for everyone.
    Brown 02


Blend & Contour Brush

Blend & Contour Brush

The long sculpted head enables you to easily apply colour into the eye crease and on to those hard-to-reach areas.
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