Brow Pencil

Frame your eyes with perfectly defined brows

Our smooth, water-resistant formula will allow you to create the perfect shape and brow definition. Watch our video or follow our step-by-step guide below for Brow Pencil tips and advice.

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    Step 1

    Keeping your pencil well-sharpened allows you to draw a straight, sharp line easily.

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    Step 2

    To discover your ideal eyebrow length, rest a slim make up brush along the side of your nose, lining up with the inner corner of your eye (this is where your brow should start).

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    Step 3

    Keeping the brush on the outside of the nose, move diagonally to line up with the outer corner of your eye (this is where your brow should end).

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    Step 4

    Create a natural effect by making short, hair-like strokes following the direction of hair growth. Use your natural brow shape as a guide; it’s about fine-tuning rather than re-creating your brows.

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    Step 5

    Our Lash Care Intensifying Mascara Base makes a great brow setter, while also helping to condition your brows.