Give winter-weary complexions a radiance-boosting treat with one of our treatment masks. Karen Bevan-Brown, our Treatments Expert, explains how to find your perfect match.

Brightening Treatment Mask

Best for dull, tired -looking skin

Brightening Treatment Mask

This fast-acting mask is an instant pick-me-up for tired, dull skin and is perfect for boosting your complexion before parties or when it needs a helping hand to look its radiant best. It contains purifying white clay and green mineral silt, stimulating camphor oil and soothing aloe vera. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Top tip: This is my secret weapon when my skin needs an instant radiance boost. In just one minute, this mask leaves my skin with a wonderful, healthy-looking glow.

Best for oily, problem -prone skin

Deep Cleansing Mask

Formulated for combination, oily or problem-prone skin, our refreshing clay and
botanical mask helps to regulate oiliness and draw out impurities, leaving skin
balanced and calm. Ingredients include green kaolin clay, propolis and manuka
honey. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Top tip: If it's the T-zone of your skin that tends to misbehave, simply
apply Deep Cleansing Mask where you need it – you can even dab it
onto individual blemishes.

Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask

Best for dry, stressed skin

Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask

If your skin is dry, parched or stressed, our comforting treatment mask hydrates and soothes while enhancing the skin's natural barrier against moisture loss. It contains a blend of West African shea butter, borage seed oil and comfrey, plus the uplifting aroma of rose-scented geranium essential oil.

Top tip: I love to apply Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask just before I get in the bath – so I can relax and let it work its magic while I soak.